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Post by dorkyORANGE Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:10 pm


collaborated by: dorkyORANGE


What will you do if you are transferred to a class with 14 guys in it?
Most probably you would get excited, right? Well not for me!!

when you start to get close with those guys, a lot of dilemmas and
dramas started to happen especially when you're close with someone who
has a crazy fan.

And let me ask you one more question

Is it normal for you to fall in love with someone you hated the most?
And why am I not falling for the person who had rescued me and helped me a lot? Wait, that's two questions, right? Anyways..

The name's Maria Christcelda Revilla. This is my story in Mangaldan High where all my problems begin.

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Post by dorkyORANGE Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:14 pm


It is the first day of school. And I, Maria Christcelda Revilla, am a transferred student to be in Mangaldan High School. I already have been into many types of school in this country. All-Girls School? Elite School? Art School? ARMY School? You name it. I kept changing schools for every 2 or 3 months. Why do you ask? Most of the teachers said because im not 'suitable'.

I know what they meant is that I'm too dumb. Anyways, Mangaldan High School, here I come!

"Oh God! Please let me stay in this school for good!" I prayed in front of the gate of Mangaldan High School before I came in.

When I was taking my first step to the entrance, suddenly a tall guy 'accidently' pushed me to the ground.

"Ya! What was that for?! Are you blind, giraffe-guy?"I shouted to the guy while I was cleaning myself up from the dirt.

"Aish?. Now look what you have done to my school uni-"
Before I could finish my sentence, the giraffe-guy was already like 6 or 7 meters away from me.

"Ya!! Giraffe-guy!!! Stupid!!!!" I tried to shout at him again.

After a few seconds, he looked back. The guy didn't reply anything. He just looked at me with a not-knowing-anything-happen look. But it was kinda cute though. Like a cute potato. Wait! This is not the time! This giraffe-guy just messed with the wrong girl.

"Help me up here!" I said to the guy. I thought he would at least help me to carry my bag but then again, he just walk away from me! Urgh! I couldn't believe my eyes. And I was thinking him as a cute potato! Cute face but cold-hearted. Such a waste?

Whatever it is, this is my first day. I don't want to make any trouble anymore. I hope I won't be in the same class as the giraffe-guy.

I took a few deep breaths and start to walk in the entrance of the school. While I was walking through the alumni hall, all of the noise that came from the students suddenly came to a sudden silence. I had a curious aura around me. All the students suddenly looked and some were pointing their fingers at me like I'm a criminal. I could hear some of them were whispering such as

"Is she the transferred student?"

"She's going to be the first girl."

"She's the one who's going to be in THAT class."

But mostly?..
"She's the ONLY girl."

What's with the ONLY GIRL they kept talking about? Is it me? Is it because im the only stupid girl in this school? Or? is it because I'm the only girl who loves food?! What am I crapping about?

After all the whispering, pointing and all, I can't help myself anymore. This really pissed me off. That was not the way to welcome Maria Christcelda Revilla! I will defend myself till hunger!!

When I was tried to open my mouth, a hand suddenly patted me at the back. I turned around and there was a dumpling-look alike of an old man was smiling brightly at me.

"Yes? Is there something wrong, Mistress?" I asked the old-woman.
The old-woman chuckled for a moment and said "Welcome to Mangaldan High. I'm the principle of this school,Principal Aquino"

"Oh, I'm sorry ma'am. I didn't realize you're the pineapple. I meant Principal!"I quivered while bowed to the principal. This was really an embarrassment.

"Ahaha. You're quite a joker. It seems you can't find your way to the classroom, I suppose?" asked Principal Aquino. I just replied with a nod.

"Well then, Miss Lomague!"Principal Aquino called someone. Then, a beautiful lady came towards us. She was wearing a pair of spectacles, a black skirt and a white shirt. She's somewhat 5 to 6 cm taller than me.

"Yes, Ma'am?" said the lady who Principal Aquino had called her as Miss Lomague. "Would you show Christcelda her way to 3-D class?" said Principle Aquino to Miss Lomague. "Yes, I will ma'am." Miss Lomague answered.

Wait! Pause that part. How did Principal Aquino knows my name? On top of that, how did he know that I'm going to be in 3-D class? I just got here! I'm getting puzzled. Okay, play it again.

"Urm, Sir. If I may ask, how did you knew that I am-" When I was just about to ask him, the school bell rang. Kkrring!

"Oh, is it the time already? Sorry, but I need to go now. Miss Aquino, lead Christcelda to her class. And again welcome to Mangaldan High." Said Principal Aquino and left without answering my question.
"This way, Miss Revilla" said Miss Lomague. There was nothing else that I can do but follow Miss Lomague to 3-D class.

As I and Miss Lomague arrived to 3-D classroom, there was a cluster of girls screaming like Piolo just arrived from a Car.

"Kyaa!! Where's our Honeys!?"

"Oh My Oh My Oh My. Anthony-oppa (FYI: oppa means honey) just winked at me! Oh my! He winked at me! KYAA!!"

"Awww~ Cutey Bunny Michael is being cheeky with Ivanhoe again!"

"Richard flipped his hair!! So hot! I'm melting!!!!!!!"

"Joshua's much hotter!!!"

Okay, strange. First it was a cute-potatoish cold-hearted giraffe guy. Next, it was a total sudden silence welcome from the students.Then, came a psychic dumpling-look alike principal. Now, a bunch of screaming fangirls?

I looked at Miss Lomague hoping that she's surprised with the situation but she didn't gave any reaction at all. It was as if this had happened everyday. Or is it?

"Girls! Go back to you classes. The school bell already rang. You can come here again on recess."said Miss Lomague to the crazy fangirls. Recess? What's up with that class anyways? It's not like that class is full of hot guys, right?

"Awww" All of the girls' faces changed. I chuckled a little. But why oh why I had to do that. Suddenly, all eyes were on me. Stares and glares were given to me. Well, that was a mistake.

"Lucky you though. But don't you ever put your dirty fingers on my beloved Renz!" shouted a voice. I tried to find where the voice came from after a girl with another 3 of her friends came in front of me. Wait, one of the girls looked familiar though. Well whatever.

"Lucky?" I asked with a puzzled face.

"Oh-ho. Don't you pretend that you don't know. You know very well. Renz's mine! Got that? And just for the note, remember this name. Aura Ann Morales. Learn it, live it, love it." Blabbered the girl who just demanded me to remember her name as Aura Morales.

I thought I want to punch her right at the face by that time but one of her friends cut me off as she said "Oh, come on Aura. She's not worth to argue. She's a newbie. Let her go this time."

"Yeah, Aura. You're much prettier and smarter than her." The other two girls convinced Aura.

"You're right, girls. Arlyn, Jenica, Charmie. Let's go."snapped Aura. Before she left, she whispered to my ear "I let you go this time, newbie."

Urgh! What's up with her? Wait, Arlyn? That name. I never heard that name since-
"Is there something wrong, Miss Revilla?" Miss Lomague suddenly spoke.
"Oh, no. I'm just.. I'm fine." I answered with a stunned tone.

"Don't bother arguing with Aura and her friends. She's always like that." Miss Lomague said. Well, she's right though. I don't intend to do anymore troubles. Christcelda Revilla, go go FIGHTING!

"Enough of that, here's your classroom." Showed Miss Lomague to the class that boldly says "3-D CLASS". I hope my classmates would make a nice welcome for me. Here goes nothing!

"Meet your new classmates, Miss Revilla." said Miss Lomague while she was opening the door for me.

As the door was opened, I could see the rays of sunlight came through me. It's as if this will be a new start for me. BUT then, I wasn't expecting this when the only people that I could see in the class were GUYS!

"Eh?" I blanked. My head turned to the right, left, front, back, even in a book! All I could see is a class that is full of God's creation that is MALES! My head was spinning with full of confusion at that moment.

"Why? What? Where are all the girls?!" I shouted hysterically. The guys in the class only stared at me. I looked at every person and I thought 'wow, they ARE good-looking'. Snap out of it Christcelda Revilla! Think about food!! Food? Fo-

"Waa! Giraffe-guy!!" I pointed to the guy that sat at the corner of the room. Just this morning I thought I wont be seeing this guy again. This wasn't my lucky day! Does God hate me that much?

"Miss Revilla, I knew that you will be shocked by this. Let me explain." said Miss Lomague trying to calm me down.

"Miss Lomague. What is going on here? This is a joke right? This got to be a joke!! Wait, there's no way it had to be a joke. Maybe the girls are on P.E? But the guys-"

Before I could say further, Miss Lomague put her finger on my lips and gently said "Miss Revilla, you are??"

"EEEEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM THE ONLY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!?????"

---THUMBS UP!!---
This girl is such annoying!

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Post by dorkyORANGE Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:16 pm


After a few long deep breaths, Miss Lomague left me in the
class alone with FOURTEEN guys. I didn't know what to do. Put my bag? Where
should I sit? Maybe I should introduce myself?

"Hey, so you're the new kid" a 2 inch short-haired
guy suddenly came up to me with some other of his friends. His jacket was
unbuttoned and I could see his white shirt wasn't tucked in. For a few seconds,
he turned and looked around me from top to bottom.

"Hmm. I thought you'll be cuter like I imagined. At
least sexy but.. I guess I could give you 6 out of 10." He commented.

"Haha. If I were you I'll just give her 4!" his
other friend who looked like a piece of bread burst out laughing. That was
really made me pissed. I couldn't help it and defend myself.

"What the. Who do you guys think you are?! Fashion
professionals? Come on, look yourself in the mirror especially YOU." I
gave a sharp glare to the bread guy who is NOT a cute one.

"Aaah~ I just thought you were a cutey a few seconds
ago but when you're mad you looked like The Hulk." a cute boyish-looking
guy said beside the short-haired guy. Then, almost half of the class laughed at
me. That's it! They just made the food goddess in hunger!

"Why you little -" Just when I was about to punch
those guys, suddenly a voice spoke up.

"Guys, stop making fun of her will ya?!" I turned
around and saw a guy with his black hair combed to the side and he was holding
a ballpen on his right hand. His tie was dangle around his neck and he wasn't
wearing his school jacket. I was quite shocked to see someone in this class was
ACTUALLY defended me.

"Aww~ Our Ivanhoe Sagurit the President has come to the
rescue. How sweet. C'mon, we were just playing around." The short-haired
guy said and put his arm around the neck of the guy who called Ivanhoe.

"Get your hands off me, Anthony." Ivanhoe released
short-haired guy's arm with his ballpen. So, short-haired guy's name is
Anthony, huh?

"She's just a girl." The boyish-looking guy said.

"Because she's a girl we shouldn't do that to her! She
just got shocked from the news." Ivanhoe scolded them. God, thank you for
sending me a guardian angel to defend me! What am I crapping about? I guessed I
was too hungry.

"Uh.. Come on guys. Let's leave." The thin guy

"Aww. Do we have to, Aris?" the boyish-looking guy
pouted and it was quite weird.

"Let's just go, Joshua." He sighed and went back
to his seat. The guys just agreed and left. I could hear the thin guy murmured,
"Why does this guy have to ruin all the fun?"

"Hello. I'm Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe Sagurit to be specific and
the class president." He handed his hand as I put mine on his to shake

"I'm Crisel. Christcelda Revilla."

"It is nice to have you here. I'm sorry for the guys'
behavior and for what just had happen to you. Actually, we were also shocked
that a girl will be in this class and moreover you are the first girl to be in
here. We'll try our best to make you comfortable."

"Thanks and don't worry. I already used to with it.
Most guys are like that."

"Used to? You mean you have been through this?"

"Err.. let's just say that I don't wanna talk about

I should be more careful with my mouth! I don't want anybody
to know that I was always a target to get beaten up by guys since I kept
getting into fights (and also the reason why I kept changing schools). It's
their fault too! They started it! Well, there's no use talking about it now.

"Well, okay. If you have any trouble or anything in
school just tell me. By the way, I'll show you around the school on recess,
okay?" Ivanhoe said kindly.

"Oh, sure! How kind of you but won't it be troubling
you then?" I wondered.

"No, not at all. It is my duty to welcome you or any
new students who come into this class. Well, it's not REALLY my duty but I just
want you to see this school and make you feel comfortable. Like I just said,
we'll try our best to make you comfortable." He said and put his hand on
his chest.

"Okay then, I'll be hanging out with you on recess and
one more thing. Why did you say 'WE'll try OUR best to make you comfortable'
since you're the only one who took notice of me?" I asked. Well, it is
kinda weird. He's not crazy, right? Is he?

"Oh, that. Well?"

All of a sudden, a voice yelled out.

"Vannie-aah~! Take me along too." A guy with a
pink bunny hairclip on his black hair came running towards us.

"That's why." Ivanhoe murmured with an
uncomfortable face. Then, the pink bunny guy suddenly popped out from Ivanhoe's
back while looking at me.

"You aren't going out with that girl without me are
you?" he said and pointed his chubby little finger at me.

There was a silent moment. Ivanhoe didn't say anything as he
was getting annoyed. I couldn't say a word for I was surprised to see the pink
bunny guy. The only thing that is on my mind was, "Is he gay?"

"Umm.. If Ivanhoe will busy this recess then it's okay.
I'm fine with it." I broke the silence and continued, "I'm
Christcelda by the way." I gave a smile.

"I know and Vannie will not be busy. He's just busy
when he's with me. Anyways, I'm Michael Vincent Villaluz, Vannie's little
helper a.k.a Vice President. Call me Michael. Vannie is the only one who can
call me Mikey." He replied and smiled cheerfully at me. I could see that
Ivanhoe was trying to say like 'don't mind him' at me.

"Aaah~ Nice to meet you, Michael. I hope we could be
friends." I said. Ah! What the heck did I just said?! He must be thinking
that I'm like a bowl of soup without enough spices in it!

"Sure we can! Only you just remember to keep your hands
off him, alright?" Michael said while holding Ivanhoe's arm. Michael's
behavior had made Ivanhoe wanted to leave but he just sighed and said,
"Anyways, I'll see you on recess."

I wonder why Michael is like that and why Ivanhoe didn't
just ignore him. Well, let's just wait and see, shall we?


Our math teacher came in and started the lesson. She was
skinny like a skeleton and he was wearing a black full framed spectacles. Her
clothes were a striking orange shirt, a hideous red tie with white polka dots
all over it, and a pair of outdated brown pants. Truthfully, she looked like a
disastrous clown with a dull face.

After a few boring lessons, he made a pop quiz. It was a
surprise that a few guys in this class are smart! Like smarties! No wait, they
are geniuses like a giraffe talking about a giraffe. Speaking of giraffes, the
giraffe guy is the smartest though. I didn't know why he is in this class
anyways. Oh yea, I just knew that his name is Renz. Ivanhoe told me his name
since the only seat that is not taken was beside him. But I'm still calling him
giraffe guy! I will never forget what he just did to me this morning.



The school bell rang. At last, recess.

"Aaah!~ Finally!" I widely spread my arms to the
air. Ivanhoe came to my table and said, "Shall we go now?" he asked

"Yeah, let's go." I replied with a smile.

"Vannie-aah~ Hurry up! I'm hungry!~" Michael
whined while rubbing his tummy. I didn't realize that he was waiting for us in
front of the class.

"Okay okay. I'm coming." Ivanhoe walked towards
Michael as I tag along.

While we were walking, lots of girls stared at us. Well,
they were staring at me to be exact. I wasn't comfortable so I just kept quiet
and walked a few meters away from Ivanhoe and Michael. I couldn't hear a word
what was Ivanhoe blabbered about since I could only hear people talking about
me from my back. Suddenly, Ivanhoe and Michael stopped.

"Why are you walking behind us?" Michael asked.

"You even didn't bother to know what I just showed you
around this school." Ivanhoe said with a frown. I just smiled weakly and

"Sorry. It's just. I feel awkward."

"Oh. I know. It's the fans, right? Just ignore them.
They're always like that." Ivanhoe said while Michael gently patted me at
the back. Woah, did he just said 'fans'? These guys must have been really
famous in this school huh?

"Yeah.. I guess so. Well, the school hall and the field
are nice though. So, where are you taking me next?" I asked to change the

"Next stop is Cafeteria! Chef Pierre must be cooking
pasta today. I hope it'll be spicy. Come on Idang, I'll escort you. I bet you
are hungry already." Michael smiled and took my hand.

"Eh? Michael? You're the first person ever call me
that. Haha. And I am hungry. I bet YOU guys will be surprise to see me
eating." I said brightly. Michael and Ivanhoe just smiled at me back.

"Well then, let's go. Last one is a rotten egg!"
Michael ran while still grabbing my hand and left Ivanhoe behind.

"Hey! No fair!" Ivanhoe yelled and ran after us.


"Woah. Is this a Cafeteria or a Hotel
Restaurant?!" I said with amazement. My jaw dropped like it was going to
fall to the ground while my eyes kept looking every each food that I could

"Haha. Pretty amazing, huh? Believe it or not, this is
still not big enough for our school. The Principal said he wanted to make a
renovation again." Michael said while looked himself into a mirror on his
hand. Where did he get that mirror anyways?

"What? You gotta be kidding me. This is like 10 times
bigger than my own house!" I exclaimed.

"Haha. Well this school is a bit crazy. Umm. Crisel, I
can't accompany you right now. Something came up. I'm sorry. But we'll continue
our tour after school. Is it okay?" he said with guilt. Those words did
not comfort me but I didn't want him to feel bad.

"It's okay! I am Crisel. The Goddess of All Food. I
will protect myself till I die for hunger." I said with a fist highly in
the air. Michael and Ivanhoe didn't say anything but laugh. It was embarrassing
but it made me happy since I already got some friends on my first day. A record
that Christcelda Revilla ever made.


After Michael and Ivanhoe left, I went to buy some food.
Waa!, they were expensive like hell (well, of course. The foods were
high-classed like in heaven.) Pasta, Lasagna, lobsters, and caviars?! What kind
of school is this?

"Aish!. What should I buy?" I thought to myself.
Suddenly, a hand tapped on my shoulders. When I looked back, it was the girl
this morning, Aura Morales.

"Poor people buy food at over there." She pointed
to a corner where Fishball and etc. could be bought. I tried not to argue so I
hold back.

"Oh, thank you." I faked a smile and left. Before
I left, she gave me a glare.

After bought my food, I went to search for a place to sit.
There was nowhere else I could eat since almost all the sits are full except..
Urgh. The giraffe guy. Doesn't he have any friends? Whatever it is, at least
there is a place I could eat. I had no choice but to sit beside him.

While I was trying to eat, a hand took my macaroni soup and
threw it to the ground. It was Aura and her friends again. She stepped my food
and started to get annoying.

"Ya! You really get on my nerves this time. How dare
you to sit beside my prince Renz. You have no rights to sit beside him. I've
warned you this morning, didn't I? Are you really that stupid until you can't
even understand words anymore? As you can see, I , the princess in this school
and the only girl. Wait scratch that. The only FEMALE that can sit beside Renz.
Get your own place and find your own guy. Not my Renz!" Aura babbled out
like a grandma.

Without I could say anything, she pushed me to the ground
where my food was stepped on and started to push my head like a million times.
I couldn't help it any longer. Without thinking any further, I punched her with
my dirty hands covered with 'ground-soup'.

"Ouch!" she screamed with pain.

"Yah! Who do you think you are to disrespect others
like that?!I'm just a new kid who wants to open her new book, stupid. And why
are you kept bragging about this giraffe guy anyways. You can have him. But I
don't think he would even want to get close to you. Only dumb people like
yourself want you. And for the last time, I just want to start a new
life!" I yelled out right into her face.

"You! I am so gonna-"

"What? You're gonna tell on your mom? Stop being a
drama queen and get your own life, will ya?" I cut in.

"Let's just go and clean you up, Aura. A girl like her
doesn't know who she's dealing with." Her friends said while two of them
brushed off the soup on her uniform. I didn't say no more and left the place to
the washroom.


Ah! My food! Just because of that Auraqueen , I'll be
starving. How can I study with a hungry stomach?! Well, at least I'll be hungry
till lunch but still! I have no money left to buy anything. Rather than
thinking about food, I'll better get going to class. There's no use for me to
sit around at the cafeteria after what just had happen.

"Hmm.. I wonder I saw a Eatery near by when I got to
this school.." I thought to myself after got out from the girl's room when
suddenly a hand patted my shoulder.

"Yes? Is there someth- EH?! It's you!" I pointed
my finger to the Giraffe-guy like he's a ghost. "What do you want? Wanna
laugh at me? Laugh all you want if you want to!" I snapped.

"Here." He said and handed out his tray of food at
me. There was a half plate of fish and chips and a can of soda that hasn't
opened yet. Why is he giving me this?

"Is this kind of trick? Don't tell me you actually have
sympathy for me!" I said making my own theory.

"Don't get me wrong here. After looking at your
amusement, I don't have the appetite anymore. And this is just leftovers. I
don't really like eating Japanese foods." He said coldly. Did he just call
me an amusement?

"Then why did you bought these anyways?" I
questioned him trying to control my temper.

"Aura bought it." He answered and left without
saying any further. Wow, Auraqueen must have really really really like this
guy. Too bad she's got a bad taste. But whatever it is, I JUST GOT FOOD! And it
is a good 'taste'.

Not a long time after that, a voice of a girl was heard from
my back. It was?

"Oh my!, is that you, Christcelda? It has been a long

---THUMBS UP!!---
This girl is such annoying!

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Post by dorkyORANGE Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:23 pm

Chapter 03: "..I think you need our help."

"EH? Gloiza? What are you
doing here?" It was Gloiza, my long lost best friend. We haven't contact
since?? Now, when was it?

"What are YOU doing
here?!" Gloiza repeated my question, walking towards me.

"I transferred here today.
You didn't tell me that you study here." I said, still surprised with
Gloiza's presence.

"How can I tell you since
the last time we met were like 2 years ago." Gloiza pointed out.

"Aaah.. you got a point
there." I scratched my non-itchy head, covering my embarrassment.

"I heard you had a fight
with our Auraqueen. What happened?" She asked, brushed off the dirt on my

"Nothing really, She had a
fight with me because I was sitting beside 'her lover' and since I'm in the same
class as he is. As usual, I won. "I said proudly, gave a wide smile.

"Oh, you're still the same.
I see you still stick with your fashion sense. " Gloiza looked at me from
bottom to the top. As usual, I always wore my school uniform a bit different
than other students. Being unique is what I am.

"Haha. Yeah. Well at least
you did change a bit. I mean your figure!" I said, as I realize Gloiza has
been quite sexy like a model.

Gloiza hasn't changed a lot since
child. It is because she has been the dreamiest girl that any guy wants. She's
pretty, smart, lots of charm. Even if she wore glasses she still looks pretty.
She's an 'eternal beauty' from any guys' eyes. And I? I always was the one to
chase away all the guys who wants to tackle her. Just for short, I was her

"Haha.. but you're still
taller than I am." Gloiza said. Well, what to say. She never beat me when
talking about heights. "Wait! Did you say you're in the same class as
Renz?" Gloiza asked for confirmation.

"Well technically I said I'm
in the same class as Aura's 'love'. But you can say that I'm in the same class
as Renz. Why?" I asked suspiciously.

"So, you're the only girl
they were talking about!" Gloiza shrieked with her wide ping pong eyes.
Wow, rumors do travel fast huh?

"Yeah, yeah.. I'm tired
hearing that sentence! So, which class are you in?" I changed the topic,
bored of the ongoing rumors about me.

"Oh, I'm in class 3-A. As
usual." She said. What she meant by 'As usual' was she's in the top class

"Gloiza, you're such a
nerd!" I teased her.

"I'm not!" she pinched
my arm angrily.

"Ouch! Okay, okay. Haha.
Aww~ I was just joking." I pouted; wanting for her sympathy.

"Well, it's not a funny one
either." She said still not reducing her anger. But then, we both ended up

"Wow, these brought up old
memories." Gloiza chuckled.

Suddenly, the bell rang signing
recess's over.

"Oh, it's time for me to go
now. I don't want to be late." Gloiza said, looked at her wristwatch.

"Yeah, you have always been
punctual for anything." I said. She gave me a smile and bid farewell.

"See ya around, okay?"
She yelled, while running on the hallways.


On my way to 3-D class, a few
grasp of hands pulled me. Just about I wanted to scream, one of them covered my

"Ssh! We won't gonna hurt
you. Okay?" A guy with a different skin said. There were 3 of them. 2 were
grabbing me while the other was walking behind us with a cake on his hand.
Coincidentally, they took me to the same way to 3-D class. At first I didn't
recognize them when their faces made me recall back to my own classmates.

"Hey! You're my classdudes
right?!" I cried out. But then my mouth was covered again.

"Waa! When would you ever
keep your mouth shut?" The other guy hissed.

"Dondon. We need to be hurry
or else the guys will go ballistic." The different skin guy said.

"Ah, you're right, Louie
Gee. You just keep quiet." The Dondon guy said, putting his finger on his

"Okay.." I agreed. Hey,
they are my classmates. What's the worst thing they could do?

"Great. you, Rommel! Walk
faster. We ought to be hurry!" Louie Gee whispered in a dolphin voice as
he doesn't want us to get caught by the teachers.

"Yea yea. I'll try. I don't
want my cake to slip." Rommel said, with his mouth stuffed with chocolate

Dondon and Louie shook their
heads looking at their friend, Rommel and continued to bring me to the
I-don't-know-where-they-are-taking-me Ville like I was a prisoner from Azkaban.
Okay, now I started to crap about Harry Potter?


Finally, they stopped dragging me
in front of 3-D class, our own classroom.

"You know, I'm in this class
too. I could just walk by myself." I said to them, but they ignore me by
looking around the area.

"Line clear. Let's get
in!" Dondon said and opened the door.

"What are you guys trying
to-" my line was cut in when suddenly,

"She's here!! Guys, she's
here!" a guy who I remembered his name as Joshua called out.

"woahh?!" All the guys
were running towards me and started to drag me on a chair. Well, not all. The
Giraffe-guy seemed doesn't care about what was the commotion all about. He was
minding his own business. Michael and Ivanhoe were also not joining in as they
were discussing about something. The Anthony guy was nowhere to be seen. There
was also someone caught my eye. He looked like a girl! And he was wearing the
pink bunny hair-clip exactly the same as Michael's. Wait, Michael wasn't
wearing it anymore!

"Hey! Are you deaf?!"
someone snapped in front of me, made me startled.

"Eh? What?" I said,

"Aish!! C'mon don't play
dumb. Spill it out!!" some other guy demanded, whose name tag written

"Ah, I just notice! You guys
have name tags!" I said, happily. So now, I shouldn't be hurting my head
remembering all these guys' names.

Suddenly, someone hit my head
from the back.

"Ouch! Hey, who did
that?!" I turned around; it was Aris with a book.

"If you don't want me to hit
you again, you better tell us about Gloiza, right now!" he said, showing
the book in front of me.

"Wait, wait. Easy there.
First of all, where's our Aral Pan Teacher?" I asked as I noticed the
class was quite empty.

"Why do you care about that
teacher? If you really wanna know, she's got into a hospital yesterday because
of a prank Richard pulled off yesterday." Ednel said, pointing at the guy
who named as Richard.


"Now, now. I know I'm great.
Don't flatter me too much. Let's cut the chase shall we? Tell us, what's your
relationship with Im Gloiza?" Richard asked.

"Urm.. friends? Why are you
guys asking me about Gloiza?" I crossed my arms, looking suspiciously at
them. Then, all of them were sighing like I don't know anything what was going
on in this school. (Actually, I don't!)

"How, can you not know when
you are her friend? She's?" a guy named Joshua stopped as all of them
chorused, "AN ETERNAL BEAUTY~!"

"That nickname again? Gloiza
still been chased by guys, huh?" I thought.

"Well, next to Shekaree
though." Someone said. If I'm not mistaken his name was John Paul Aquino.

"Urgh.. the second to
Gloiza? The nerds and the stalkers were the only ones clinging on her. We're in
this class only dated her because she's Miss Popular." A guy next to John
Paul said. Kurt is his name.

"Woah.. 'we'? How many of
you had dated her?" I asked curiously. All of them raised their hands
except Rommel (and of course Michael, Ivanhoe and Renz.)

"I'm dating Aura right
now." Someone shouted from afar, who was the guy with a girl-looking with
a funny face.

"Shut up, Alvin! Don't brag
yourself since you're the Queen's like now." John Paul yelled back at him
as he stuck out his tongue and ignored us.

"Don't mind him. If you're
gonna say 'I thought Aura like Renz', yes she still is. Alvin and Aura are best
friends actually. He is just an unofficial Queen's like at this school."
Dondon explained as if he already knew what'll be my response.

"Wow, you're good. Are you a
psychic?" I said something pointless when Anthony popped out of nowhere
came in the crowd.

"I dated Shekaree
once!!" he shrieked, like a little kid who just got a lollipop.

"Woah, when did you get
in?" Louie Gee asked him.

"Just awhile ago." He
smiled, "So, what are you guys talking about? Huh? Huh?" he asked
eagerly. It was annoying but quite cute. A bit.

"You wouldn't like it
anyway." Someone who was sitting beside Joshua whose name is Richard.

"Aww?" Anthony whined.

"Gloiza." A Joshua
said, made his face totally changed at that time.

"Not interested." He
said shortly, and left us as he walked towards his sit.

"What's up with that guy?
" I asked, with my eyes fixed on Anthony.

"Who? Him?" Dondon
asked; when I gave him a reply with nodding. "Ahh.. that well, the story
is-" Dondon was whispering when Richard cut in,

"He once tried to tackle
Gloiza but got dumped. Let's just say it was the most embarrassing moment of
his life." John Paul said loudly.

Then, Anthony stood up saying
something at John Paul. I wasn't really sure what they were talking about since
they used full English.

(Anthony vs John Paul)

Anthony: What the. C'mon, she was
a hard-to-get. At least I'm brave enough to ask her out. Rather than you,
looking and mesmerized by her beauty for afar like those creeps stalkers.

John Paul: Ouch.. that really
hurts. Boohoo. You're the loser here. Not me.

Anthony: Me? A loser? As far as I
know, last week I beat you in English class.

John Paul: I was only one mark
away from you! And I beat you in English class tons of times than you. You were
lucky because the teacher hates me.

Anthony: For your information,
our teacher hates me too! He hates us because we kept correcting his grammars
till he got a high fever till now.

John Paul:Well.. but I corrected
his vocabulary too!

Anthony: I did that too.

John Paul: Nu-uh.


Our jaw dropped not understanding
a word out of from their mouths. Ivanhoe and Michael were stopped discussing
and looked at both of them. They only shook their heads and continue their

"Before I let another drool
out of my mouth, can I ask you something?" Richard faced to me.

"Urmm.. sure."

"Does Gloiza prefer white
roses or red ones?" He asked when the other guys interrupted.

"Yah! Don't get all the
credits to yourself!" They yelled with anger.

"Sorry!" Richard said
with apology.

"Anyway, Gloiza like good in
english guys like me right?" John Paul asked, pointing his finger at his
own face.

"No way. She must be a type
who likes guys whose tall like me, hot like me, macho like me, body-builder
like me, and full-package LIKE ME!" Joshua boasted. Oh God, I think I
wanna puke.

"Yah, there's no way she
likes guys like that. She's cute so, she gotta like a cutey like me."
Dondon said, making a cute face with his aegyo.

"I'm a lot cuter than
you!!" Louie Gee protested, banging a fist on the table. By that time, all
of them got into fights all of because Gloiza Quinto, the Eternal Beauty. This
is worst than elementary school.

I tried to calm them down, but
they wouldn't listen. That's it. I couldn't take this anymore.

"GUUUYSS!!!!!" I yelled
out from the top of my lungs. Every each one of them (this even includes
Girrafe guy, Michael, Ivanhoe, and Alvin) were shocked and stopped doing their

"Err.. what is it?"
Joshua quivered.

"Haa.." I sighed.
"I'm sorry to say this but I haven't contacted with Gloiza for quite a
long time. Although we're friends, she's a secretive person. She never tells me
about her taste of guys." I said. There was quite a long silence, when
eventually all of them sighed.

"I just left myself with 33
missed calls from my girlfriends just because of this?! What a waste of
time." Joshua whined and left to his sit.

"Argh.. my ex-girlfriend
just told me she wanted to be with me back. Now, she must have changed her
mind!" Richard slapped his forehead. They frowned and looked at me with
anger. After that, they spread out leaving me with Dondon, Louie Gee and

"Why didn't you tell us
earlier?" Louie Gee nudged me on the arm with a large force.

"Ouch! Yah, I didn't know
loads of guys in this class are crazy over Gloiza. And I even didn't know she's
actually in this school." I spat out in front of them.

"Liar liar, skirt on
fire." Louie Gee sang. Can I kick this guy?

"Louie Gee, stop it already.
You really don't know a thing about this school?" Dondon asked. I gave him
a vigorous shook.

"Hmm.. so you don't know
that Gloiza hasn't date anyone yet?"

"Wooahh?! She's still

"Yeap, that's why almost all
of the students (guys) want her, and whoever lucky enough to win her heart,
he'll get a full high-respect from all of the student body." He explained.


"You really a slowpoke, you
know." Dondon said.

"You're really in a bad
'condition'. You need help." Louie Gee said putting his chin on his right
palm on the table.

"Condition? Why do I need
help anyways?"

"Hey, Crisel?" Rommel
finally said something to me.


"If you want to survive in
this school, I think you need our help."

---THUMBS UP!!---
This girl is such annoying!

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