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[ONESHOT] Second Generation

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[ONESHOT] Second Generation

Post by dorkyORANGE on Fri Dec 18, 2009 3:10 pm

by shawnzors@fcuzed.com

It was funny how history could repeat
itself. Even though that no one thought that people thought that they
could cut off all ties and move on, but they would meet up again
someday, somehow. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was coincidence. Maybe it
was nothing. It was something in this case. One would have never
thought that Chu Ga Eul and So Yi Jung would meet again. but, they

One would truly have never thought that Chu Da Hae would be standing
outside so yi jung's house. She would not be meeting the f4's famous
womanizer himself, of course. If her mother knew, she would keep her
inside for all eternity. She didn't want her to go through everything
she did when she was just a highschooler. We guess she didn't learn,
that history would repeat itself.

Da Hae clutched onto the bag in her hand like was her life-saver. The
contents would belong to So In Hwan, the incarnation of her mother's
first love. She stomped onto the ground to keep herself warm, until the
door opened. An older man stood there, as a smile played onto his face.
Probably In Hwan's main servant. "Welcome. Please, come inside." he
said, leading the way.

Da Hae nodded as she went inside, her heart beating faster than normal.
Her mind was buzzing with possible reactions coming from in hwan. She
hoped for the best, although she knew another thing inside wouldn't
really make that happen oh so much. It was a matter of time when she
reached the entertainment room, she looked at the door. She couldn't
reach for it because she was too scared. Da Hae looked at the butler
for help, and he nodded.

"Young master, someone is here to see you."

"Bring them in." A husky voice answered.

The butler opened the door, the sight in front of Da Hae heart
breaking. In Hwan sat there, smiling happily as young women surrounded
him, using the same tactics to get his attention and interest. But none
of it was on them. Da Hae stood there, as if her heart was smashed into
little pieces. She knew that he had friends that were girls, but not
that many. She would like to believe that he just liked the attention,
and was absolutely dense to their actions, but it wouldn't stay in her

In Hwan saw the look in her eyes, and gave a smile. He wasn't sadistic,
but he knew that he had to tell her somehow. And it was now. "Da Hae
ah. Welcome. Have a seat."

Da Hae went inside the room, placing a smile onto her face. "I-I came to bring you something. T-to thank you for the other day."

"Oppa, who is that girl? Why is she thanking you?" a girl asked, completly disgusted by the presence of da hae.

In Hwan payed no attention to her. "It was all just acting. There's no
need to bring me this. But...thank you." he moved to the side, showing
a table full of gifts, obviously brung by the other girls themselves.
"You can put it there."

Da Hae shook her head.

A noona stood, walking towards the two. She gave a small smile, showing
she wasn't catty as the former. But da hae still didn't trust her. The
noona wrapped her arm around In Hwan's, giving him a smile.

Da Hae stood back. She shook her head, realizing the situation. He
would never like her. All everything he'd done for her, she realized
that he's just be like his father. Or maybe she was that easy to read.

"I know what you're going to say." In Hwan said, tilted his head to the
side. He looked back at the girls, before pointing of the door. Whines
and whimpers escaped their mouths as they headed out the door. In Hwan
and Da Hae were finally alone. He closed the door, his expression
coolly as it could be. But his real feelings were the opposite. Unlike
his father, he actually realized he loved the girl of the Chu family.
He refused to show it. His defense was like his father's also, he
didn't want to get hurt. No wonder he was a splitting image.

"You like me, don't you?" he asked, coming closer to Da Hae.

She didn't say anything. Da Hae swore to herself that she would never
admit it to him. What annoyed her was that he thought that he knew
everything. she shook her head, "Do you think so? Cause i never

"Oh really?" In Hwan asked dubiously.

"Yes." She stated. She sighed and gave him a stern look, or what she
thought was one. "But you know, thank you for telling me that i like
you. It makes me realize that I should stop, I don't want to be one of
your girls." she added, backing towards the door.

"Da Ha-"

"Don't try to redeem yourself. Good bye, In Hwan ssi." She threw the
bag at him, and walked out of the room, ultimately walking out of the

In Hwan sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He hated doing this
to her, but it was the only thing he could do. He sat the chair he
previously occupied. He looked into the bag, taking the contents out.
blue gloves, almost the same that he wore that day, until he gave them
to her. In Hwan never liked to see a girl cold. he noticed a note fell
onto the ground. he picked it up, and unfolded it. It read:

'Dear In Hwan,

I want to thank you for everything that day. I can't say it to you
because I don't want to seem such an innocent person, but i guess it's
too late. Tae Sung won't bother me, but thank you.'

In Hwan smiled, but there was more.

'But the thing is, I can't take this anymore. I just....can't. You told me not to do this but....

I like you.

I've always did. My mother warned me not to, because you're just like
your dad. Hates the nice girls, can't get away fromthe noonas. But you
know what? I got that out. But at the same time, I hate you.

I've always did, I've always will.

I can't change you, but I won't ever be one of your girls. I can't, and I won't.

To put it simply,

I love you. I hate you.

And please.

Don't come and find me. There's no point to see each other anymore, right? All of our ties are cut off.

Goodbye so in hwan.


Chu Da Hae.'


How could she be so stupid?

Those were the words that refused to leave her mind as Da Hae left the
residence. She held onto herself as she walked down the street,
silently asking herself questions. Why did she run away? Why did she
not expect him to be that way? Da Hae shook her head as she tried to
get those thoughts out of her mind. Once again it wasn't working. One
question caused her to stop in her tracks;

Why did she write the letter if she liked him in the first place?

Da Hae turned around to the Jung residence, which wasn't too far away.
She didn't know. Maybe she thought he could change, maybe it could slap
some sense into him. She laughed out loud at her thinking as she again
realized that he could never change. So In Hwan was as stubborn as she,
but she decided to give up. He wouldn't be her Prince Charming like he
had acted with her. And she would be fine with that....eventually. The
girl smiled as her pessimistic thoughts strangely soothed her as she
disappeared into the dark night.

"Goodnight, love."

credits to: shawnzors@fcuzed.com

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