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[ONESHOT] My Lavender Morning Allure

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[ONESHOT] My Lavender Morning Allure

Post by dorkyORANGE on Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:56 pm

My Lavender Morning Allure


Standing by the train door, leaning against the glass frame perpendicular to the door, staring at the rectangular window fitted at the top part of the sliding door. Tiny, drops of the morning dews trickled down the window pane, leaving zigzag-ed marks of their trails. I gently lift up my delicate index finger and put it on the window, following the staggering motion of the dews. This goes on throughout my long journey to my school in the train.

I had been keeping my one particular hope high as possible that it could not be defeated even by Mount Everest, the highest mountain ever. Although knowing that ninety-nine percent-ly it would not be successful, I simply could not let it go just like that. It just keep soaring higher each day and sometimes it soared too high that when I knew it would not happen, my heart ached.

The lust, cherish, mesmerising sensation I felt each single second it appeared, was just a memory now, still lucid enough in me though. The tingling feeling inside me, all started to happen when I first saw him, the guy, full of charismatic charm in him. He made me go gugu-gaga-ing and I fell deep into his alluring, sweet face and smile.


“ Sofea!!”

I turned to see my close friend, Ferra, walking towards me with a big smile on her as she boarded the train. She gave me a big, cuddly hug before greeting me. It was her routine each time she saw me in the train. It was a little weird at first but I got used to it then. Next thing was that she would spit out to me about any new stuff she knew about Korean pop. That’s her. We both are crazy Korean freaks. We’ve been friends for unbelievably 8 years! So I knew every single thing about her. However, on that particular day, she started with a different topic, which surprised me most.

“ OMG! Dear, you gotta hear this! Yesterday…”, she began to tell me about this handsome guy she saw yesterday in the train she took. She described him in every best words she could, saying that he looked like a Korean guy, with a cute smile and sexy lips. Ooooh, that’s superb! She explained further about him, and I got to know that he was a student, like us! And amazingly, he boarded the exact same train she took, which is the train now, but at a few stations coming! I could not stop imagining his gorgeous face like she told me and I could not wait for the stop, Lavender. I kept agitating and my heart began to pump loudly as she continued on him.

“ Next stop is, Lavender “, the train speaker voiced out loudly to the passengers aboard. Lavender is nearing. I hummed a phrase of Epik High’s, a Korean band, song, ~Time is ticking, time time is ticking ticking~ while waiting for the stop in my heart. Soon, the train slowed down. I made a quick glance at Ferra, who grinned back of jittery. The sliding door slid open and there was a tall, young, cute guy entered. While boarding, he made a glance of the passengers aboard. I could not stop gazing at him till suddenly, his face turned towards me and his eyes caught mine! Not only that, he smiled at me too! I was so shocked and quickly turned to Ferra with my face hot of embarrassment.

“ Erm…umm…is…is that him? The one you told me earlier…” I whispered, staggering in my words as I was still shock by his charm.

“ Mhm! Yeah, isn’t he so hot?!!! Even you lost your words…” said Ferra, still having her eyes on him, jaw dropped open.

“ Haha…yepp! “ Weirdly, I turned speechless and fidgeted.

By the time we drooled over him, our stop to school has arrived. Unfortunately, we alighted the train in sorrow, sour face on each other. Thinking back, at least I got to see his face.

Wow! He was damn hot! And he looked at me! Ouh, wait, he smiled too! I must be one of the lucky ones to get his smile! He looks a bit like…Key and Jonghyun from SHINee…!! Ouh my!!

On the way to our school walking, I came up with a question.

“ Ferra! Do you find him a little like Key and Jonghyun? “ I asked enthusiastically as we walked towards the exit.

“Sofea! Your right, from SHINee! OMG! Then lets name him….Keyhyun?!!” suggested Ferra., after having some small thoughts.

“Keyhyun?!! Hey….that’s great of you, so fast! We’ll name him that then!” We strolled off to school happily after that.

Keyhyun ah, here I come. Teehee.

From that day onwards, I was like one of the most cheerful human being ever! Obviously it was all about Keyhyun! Astonishingly, Ferra and me took the same train as he did the following days, and he appeared almost at all time! This time when he went aboard, he would smile pleasantly at us, and of course, I became flabbergasted-ly delighted of it. Who wouldn’t right? We were so interested in him that we decided to find out which school he was from through the internet. Well, We got the name of a school that had his white tee and green pants but was not confirmed yet.

During the ride, I brought up a crazy but who-knows plan. To let our memory of him to be more vivid, I introduced her in capturing Keyhyun’s picture. Ferra thought that it might be impossible, but I told her it would be fine. It was not like we were going to do something bad to him. She declined so I took my chances when he was aboard. A little hard to capture as I was in a way not letting my capturing his picture an obvious thing. At last, I did a few clicks from my camera phone in time for us to alight. They were little blurry but who cares, its Keyhyun’s hot photos I cared.

Next few days were more stunning than ever. Both of us were a little unwell one day. Ferra has this feeling of wanting to vomit and I had terrible stomach ache. Then, Lavender with Keyhyun, poof! The pains we had automatically vanished! It continued for a few days then. I figured out that he could or already our best, most wonderful fast-working medicine ever. Now, he was like our allure and our medicine. Cool, I thought!

Soon, Keyhyun was as if an ideal routine for us. We would wait eagerly for his arrival and became delighted if he appeared. Our day would not be an absolute perfect if he did not emerged at Lavender. As if both our life depended on him. It went magnificent all the way till on one particular day, he started to not be in our sight. Out first thought was that maybe he would not be there for a few days. Then, he was still unseen for a few weeks. I slowly went worried. Worried that it might be possible he may thought us as an interference to him since he saw us almost all day.

A few weeks was harsh, what else for a few months without him in sight. I missed his sweet smile to me, his hotness. I missed his magical cure to my pain, my painkiller. I also missed the weird feeling in me that he bestowed out. I miss every tiny weeny bit of him.

---------------------------------------------------back to reality------------------------------------------------

From that day till now, I waited for him willingly though I perfectly knew it was just a waste of time. Out, I am seen as a normal girl who could forget him, but deep inside me, I atrociously, badly miss him. Hoping with full heart that a blessing miracle will happen and regain his existence in my eyes, my allure and cure, Keyhyun.

credits to: sabiedoosh@fcuzed.com

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